Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations

Version of section 9 from 2006-03-22 to 2006-05-10:

  •  (1) If a company alters a vehicle, other than an incomplete vehicle or a truck tractor not fitted with a fifth wheel coupling, that was in conformity with these Regulations in such a manner that its stated GVWR and GAWR are no longer accurate, or if the company alters the vehicle otherwise than by the addition, substitution or removal of readily attachable components such as mirrors or tire and rim assemblies or by minor finishing operations, the company shall

    • (a) ensure that the compliance label and information label, if applicable, remain on the vehicle;

    • (a.1) respect the gross axle weight ratings and gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle recommended by the original manufacturer or, where the company increases the ratings, ensure that they are

      • (i) increased in accordance with the original manufacturer’s written recommendations, or

      • (ii) within the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle’s components when the altered vehicle is loaded for its intended use;

    • (b) ensure that the vehicle conforms to the standards referred to in subsection 5(2), in respect of the work carried out by the company to alter the vehicle; and

    • (c) subject to subsection (2), apply to the vehicle an additional label displaying

      • (i) the words “THIS VEHICLE WAS ALTERED BY / CE VÉHICULE A ÉTÉ MODIFIÉ PAR” followed by the name of the company that altered the vehicle,

      • (ii) the month and year during which the alteration of the vehicle was completed,

      • (iii) the drawing referred to in paragraph 6(1)(c),

      • (iv) in accordance with paragraph 6(1)(e), the new gross vehicle weight rating and gross axle weight ratings of the vehicle as altered, where they differ from those shown on the original compliance label,

      • (v) in accordance with paragraph 6(1)(f), the type of vehicle, where it differs from the type shown on the original compliance label, and

      • (vi) in the case of a multipurpose passenger vehicle or bus manufactured from a cutaway chassis, a motor home or a recreational trailer, the information referred to in subsection 6(8).

  • (2) The drawing referred to in paragraph (1)(c) may be displayed on a label applied to the vehicle beside the compliance label.

  • (3) In the case of a motor home or a recreational trailer, the information referred to in subparagraph (1)(c)(vi) may be displayed on a separate label applied to the vehicle beside the compliance label or in a conspicuous or readily accessible location.

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