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An Act to amend the Criminal Code (capital markets fraud and evidence-gathering) (S.C. 2004, c. 3)

Assented to 2004-03-29

  • Marginal note:1997, c. 39, s. 1

     (1) The portion of subsection 487.3(1) of the Act before paragraph (a) is replaced by the following:

    • Marginal note:Order denying access to information used to obtain a warrant or production order

      487.3 (1) A judge or justice may, on application made at the time of issuing a warrant under this or any other Act of Parliament or a production order under section 487.012 or 487.013, or of granting an authorization to enter a dwelling-house under section 529 or an authorization under section 529.4 or at any time thereafter, make an order prohibiting access to and the disclosure of any information relating to the warrant, production order or authorization on the ground that

  • Marginal note:1997, c. 23, s. 14

    (2) Subsection 487.3(4) of the Act is replaced by the following:

    • Marginal note:Application for variance of order

      (4) An application to terminate the order or vary any of its terms and conditions may be made to the justice or judge who made the order or a judge of the court before which any proceedings arising out of the investigation in relation to which the warrant or production order was obtained may be held.


Marginal note:Order

 The provisions of this Act come into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council.


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