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Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (S.C. 2009, c. 23)

Assented to 2009-06-23

Debt Obligation Certificates

Marginal note:Debt obligation certificate

 An issuer shall provide a debt obligation holder, on request, with

  • (a) a debt obligation certificate that complies with this Act; or

  • (b) a non-transferable written acknowledgement of their right to obtain a debt obligation certificate.

Marginal note:Fee

 An issuer may charge a reasonable fee for a debt obligation certificate issued in respect of a transfer.

Marginal note:Jointly held debt obligations

 If debt obligations are held by more than one person,

  • (a) an issuer is not required to issue more than one debt obligation certificate in respect of those debt obligations; and

  • (b) delivery of a debt obligation certificate to one of the holders is sufficient delivery to them all.

Marginal note:Signatures
  •  (1) A debt obligation certificate shall be signed by at least one of the following persons, or a facsimile of the signature shall be reproduced on the certificate:

    • (a) a director or officer of the issuer;

    • (b) a transfer agent or branch transfer agent of the issuer, or an individual acting on their behalf; or

    • (c) a trustee who certifies it in accordance with a trust indenture.

  • Marginal note:Former director or officer

    (2) An issuer may issue debt obligation certificates that contain the signature of a person who is no longer a director or officer and the validity of the certificate is not adversely affected.

Marginal note:Contents of certificate
  •  (1) The following information shall be stated on the face of each debt obligation certificate issued by an issuer:

  • Marginal note:Restrictions

    (2) No restriction on transfer, lien or hypothec in favour of the issuer or unanimous member agreement is effective against a transferee of a debt obligation, issued by an issuer or by a body corporate before it is continued under this Act, who has no actual knowledge of the restriction, lien, hypothec or agreement unless it or a reference to it is noted conspicuously on the debt obligation certificate.

  • Marginal note:Restrictions

    (3) If the issued debt obligations of an issuer remain outstanding and are held by more than one person, the issuer shall not restrict the transfer or ownership of its debt obligations of any class or series.

Marginal note:Contents of certificate
  •  (1) Every debt obligation certificate, if the articles authorize more than one class or series of debt obligations, shall legibly

    • (a) state the rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions attached to the debt obligations of each class and series that exist when the debt obligation certificate is issued; or

    • (b) state that the class or series of debt obligations that it represents has rights, privileges, restrictions or conditions attached to it and that the issuer will provide a debt obligation holder, on demand and without charge, with a full copy of the text of the rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions attached to each class or series authorized to be issued.

  • Marginal note:Copy of text

    (2) If a debt obligation certificate contains a statement referred to in paragraph (1)(b), the issuer shall, on request, provide the debt obligation holder with the copy of the text referred to in that paragraph.


Marginal note:Registers
  •  (1) A corporation that issues debt obligations shall maintain a debt obligations register in which it records the debt obligations issued by it in registered form, showing the prescribed information with respect to each class or series.

  • Marginal note:Location of register

    (2) The debt obligations register shall be maintained at the issuer’s registered office or at any other place in Canada designated by the directors.

  • Marginal note:Branch registers

    (3) An issuer may maintain additional branch debt obligations registers in other places designated by the directors.

  • Marginal note:Contents of branch register

    (4) A branch debt obligations register shall only contain particulars of debt obligations issued or transferred at the branch. The same information shall also be recorded in the central register.

  • Marginal note:Production of certificates

    (5) An issuer, its agent or mandatary, or a trustee as defined in subsection 104(1) is not required to produce a cancelled debt obligation certificate in registered form after the prescribed period.

Marginal note:Agent or mandatary

 An issuer may appoint an agent or mandatary to maintain debt obligations registers on its behalf.

Marginal note:Registration

 The registration of the issue or transfer of a debt obligation in any debt obligations register is complete and valid registration for all purposes.

Marginal note:Trustee

 An issuer or a trustee as defined in subsection 104(1) may treat the person whose name appears on the debt obligations register as the debt obligation’s owner for all purposes.

Marginal note:Constructive registered holder

 If an issuer restricts the right to transfer its debt obligations, the issuer may, despite section 47, treat a person as the registered holder of a debt obligation if the person provides the issuer with evidence that meets the requirements of the issuer that the person is

  • (a) the heir or legatee of a deceased debt obligation holder or the fiduciary of the estate or succession of a deceased debt obligation holder or of a registered debt obligation holder who is a minor, an incapable person or a missing person; or

  • (b) a liquidator of, or a trustee in bankruptcy for, a registered debt obligation holder.

Marginal note:Proof of ownership

 An issuer shall treat a person, other than one described in section 48, as being entitled to exercise the rights and privileges attached to a debt obligation if the person provides proof that the person has acquired ownership of the debt obligation by operation of law or has legal authority to exercise the rights and privileges.

Marginal note:Joint holder

 If satisfactory proof of the death of a joint holder of a debt obligation with a right of survivorship is provided to an issuer, the issuer may treat any surviving joint holder as the owner of the debt obligation.

Marginal note:Duties of issuer

 An issuer is not required to inquire into the existence of, or see to the performance of, any duty owed to a third person by a registered holder, or a person who may be treated as a registered holder, of a debt obligation.

Marginal note:Minors

 If a minor exercises a right of ownership in a debt obligation of an issuer, no subsequent repudiation or avoidance or, in Quebec, nullity or reduction of obligations is effective against the issuer.

Marginal note:Deceased owner
  •  (1) Subject to any applicable law relating to the collection of taxes, a person who is an heir or a fiduciary of an estate or succession of a deceased debt obligation holder is entitled to become the registered holder or to designate a registered holder if the person deposits the following information with the issuer or its transfer agent, together with any reasonable assurances that the issuer may require:

    • (a) the debt obligation certificate or, in default of one, a document proving that the deceased was the debt obligation holder;

    • (b) a document proving the death of the debt obligation holder; and

    • (c) a document proving that the heir or fiduciary has the right under the law of the place in which the deceased was domiciled immediately before their death to deal with the debt obligation.

  • Marginal note:Endorsement

    (2) A debt obligation certificate referred to in paragraph (1)(a) shall be endorsed

    • (a) in the case of a transfer to an heir or fiduciary, by that person; and

    • (b) in any other case, in a manner acceptable to the issuer.

  • Marginal note:Right of issuer

    (3) Deposit of the documents required by subsection (1) empowers an issuer or its transfer agent to record in a debt obligations register the transmission of a debt obligation from the deceased holder to the heir or fiduciary or to any person that the heir or fiduciary may designate and to treat the person who becomes a registered holder as the owner of the debt obligation.

Marginal note:Overissue
  •  (1) Subject to this section, the provisions of this Part that validate a debt obligation or compel its issue or reissue do not apply if the validation, issue or reissue of a debt obligation would result in overissue.

  • Marginal note:Identical debt obligation

    (2) A person who is entitled to a validation or issue may, if there has been an overissue and if a valid debt obligation that is similar in all respects to the debt obligation involved in the overissue is reasonably available for purchase, compel the issuer to purchase and deliver that debt obligation against the surrender of the debt obligation that the person holds.

  • Marginal note:If identical debt obligation not available

    (3) If a valid debt obligation that is similar in all respects to the debt obligation involved in the overissue is not reasonably available for purchase, the person who is entitled to the validation or issue may recover from the issuer an amount equal to the price the last purchaser for value paid for the invalid debt obligation.

  • Marginal note:Increase in capital

    (4) The overissued debt obligations are valid from the date they were issued only if the issuer increases the number of its authorized debt obligations to a number equal to or greater than the number of debt obligations previously authorized plus the number of the debt obligations overissued.


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