Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
Symbol of the Government of Canada


Canada–Korea Economic Growth and Prosperity Act (S.C. 2014, c. 28)

Assented to 2014-11-26

SCHEDULE 2(Paragraphs 56(1)(c) and (e))

Tariff ItemInitial RateFinal Rate
0105.94.102.82¢/kgFree (V1)
0105.99.903%Free (V1)
0201.10.2026.5%Free (V2)
0201.20.2026.5%Free (V2)
0201.30.2026.5%Free (V2)
0202.10.2026.5%Free (V2)
0202.20.2026.5%Free (V2)
0202.30.2026.5%Free (V2)
0207.11.108%Free (V1)
0207.12.108%Free (V1)
0207.13.104%Free (V1)
0207.14.109%Free (V1)
0207.41.008%Free (V1)
0207.42.005.5%Free (V1)
0207.44.004%Free (V1)
0207.45.904.5%Free (V1)
0207.51.008%Free (V1)
0207.52.005.5%Free (V1)
0207.54.004%Free (V1)
0207.55.904.5%Free (V1)
0207.60.118%Free (V1)
0207.60.194%Free (V1)
0207.60.205.5%Free (V1)
0207.60.994.5%Free (V1)
0209.90.9011%Free (V1)
0210.99.192.5%Free (V1)
0302.90.003%Free (V1)
0303.90.003%Free (V1)
0305.20.003%Free (V1)
0306.11.005%Free (V1)
0306.12.104%Free (V1)
0306.14.905%Free (V1)
0306.15.005%Free (V1)
0306.19.005%Free (V1)
0306.21.005%Free (V1)
0306.22.104%Free (V1)
0306.24.005%Free (V1)
0306.25.005%Free (V1)
0306.29.005%Free (V1)
0307.11.103%Free (V1)
0307.29.904%Free (V1)
0307.39.104%Free (V1)
0307.60.104%Free (V1)
0307.79.106.5%Free (V1)
0307.89.104%Free (V1)
0307.99.104%Free (V1)
0308.19.104%Free (V1)
0308.29.104%Free (V1)
0308.30.104%Free (V1)
0308.90.104%Free (V1)
0404.10.104.94¢/kgFree (V1)
0404.10.9011%Free (V1)
0410.00.0011%Free (V1)
0601.10.116%Free (V1)
0601.10.296%Free (V1)
0601.20.906%Free (V1)
0602.40.106%Free (V1)
0602.90.906%Free (V1)
0603.11.0010.5%Free (V2)
0603.12.008%Free (V1)
0603.14.008%Free (V1)
0603.15.006%Free (V1)
0603.19.006%Free (V1)
0603.90.106.5%Free (V1)
0603.90.208%Free (V1)
0604.20.906%Free (V1)
0604.90.908%Free (V1)
0701.10.00$4.94/tonneFree (V1)
0701.90.00$4.94/tonneFree (V1)
0702.00.111.41¢/kg but not less than 9.5%Free (V1)
0702.00.191.41¢/kg but not less than 9.5%Free (V1)
0702.00.214.68¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V1)
0702.00.914.68¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0703.10.104.23¢/kg but not less than 9.5%Free (V1)
0703.10.212.12¢/kg but not less than 9.5%Free (V1)
0703.10.314.68¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0703.10.412.81¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V1)
0703.10.912.81¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0704.10.111.88¢/kg but not less than 4% plus 4%Free (V1)
0704.10.121.88¢/kg but not less than 4%Free (V1)
0704.20.115.62¢/kg but not less than 10.5% plus 4%Free (V2)
0704.20.125.62¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0704.90.102.12¢/kg but not less than 6%Free (V1)
0704.90.214.68¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0704.90.312.35¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0704.90.412.35¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0705.11.112.35¢/kg but not less than 12.5% plus 4%Free (V2)
0705.11.122.35¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0705.19.112.35¢/kg but not less than 12.5% plus 4%Free (V2)
0705.19.122.35¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0706.10.111.88¢/kg but not less than 4% plus 4%Free (V1)
0706.10.121.88¢/kg but not less than 4%Free (V1)
0706.10.310.94¢/kg plus 4%Free (V1)
0706.10.320.94¢/kgFree (V1)
0706.90.101.41¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0706.90.211.88¢/kg but not less than 8.5% plus 4%Free (V2)
0706.90.221.88¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0706.90.511.41¢/kg but not less than 6%Free (V1)
0707.00.101.41¢/kg but not less than 6%Free (V1)
0707.00.914.22¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0708.10.101.41¢/kg but not less than 6%Free (V1)
0708.10.913.75¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0708.20.101.41¢/kg but not less than 6%Free (V1)
0708.20.213.75¢/kg but not less than 8.5% plus 4%Free (V2)
0708.20.223.75¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0709.20.105.51¢/kg but not less than 7.5%Free (V1)
0709.20.9110.31¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0709.40.113.75¢/kg but not less than 12.5% plus 4%Free (V2)
0709.40.123.75¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0709.51.108.43¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0709.51.908.43¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0709.59.108.43¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0709.59.908.43¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0709.60.103.75¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0709.99.113.28¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0709.99.312.81¢/kg but not less than 12.5% plus 4%Free (V2)
0709.99.322.81¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0710.10.006%Free (V1)
0710.21.009.5%Free (V2)
0710.22.009.5%Free (V2)
0710.29.909.5%Free (V2)
0710.40.009.5%Free (V2)
0710.80.1019%Free (V2)
0710.80.2012.5%Free (V2)
0710.80.3012.5%Free (V2)
0710.80.4011%Free (V2)
0710.80.909.5%Free (V2)
0710.90.0012.5%Free (V2)
0711.40.9010.5%Free (V2)
0711.51.008%Free (V1)
0711.59.008%Free (V1)
0711.90.908%Free (V1)
0712.20.006%Free (V1)
0712.31.006%Free (V1)
0712.32.906%Free (V1)
0712.33.006%Free (V1)
0712.39.196%Free (V1)
0712.90.206%Free (V1)
0712.90.906%Free (V1)
0714.30.109.5%Free (V2)
0714.40.109.5%Free (V2)
0714.50.109.5%Free (V2)
0714.90.109.5%Free (V2)
0806.10.111.41¢/kgFree (V1)
0806.10.996%Free (V1)
0808.10.908.5%Free (V1)
0808.30.102.12¢/kg but not less than 8%Free (V1)
0808.30.912.81¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0809.10.102.12¢/kg but not less than 8%Free (V1)
0809.10.914.68¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0809.21.115.64¢/kg but not less than 8%Free (V1)
0809.21.906%Free (V1)
0809.29.105.64¢/kg but not less than 8%Free (V1)
0809.29.215.62¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0809.29.906%Free (V1)
0809.30.102.82¢/kg but not less than 8%Free (V1)
0809.30.215.62¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0809.30.908.5%Free (V1)
0809.40.101.06¢/kg but not less than 8%Free (V1)
0809.40.212.81¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0809.40.313.75¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0809.40.908.5%Free (V1)
0810.10.105.62¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0810.10.915.62¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0811.10.105.62¢/kg but not less than 8.5%Free (V1)
0811.10.9012.5%Free (V2)
0811.20.006%Free (V1)
0811.90.109.37¢/kg but not less than 12.5%Free (V2)
0811.90.2010.5%Free (V2)
0812.10.909.37¢/kg but not less than 10.5%Free (V2)
0812.90.209.37¢/kg but not less than 14.5%Free (V2)
0812.90.906%Free (V1)
0813.30.006%Free (V1)
1001.11.10$1.90/tonneFree (V1)
1001.11.2049%Free (V2)
1001.19.10$1.90/tonneFree (V1)
1001.19.2049%Free (V2)
1001.91.10$1.90/tonneFree (V1)
1001.91.2076.5%Free (V2)
1001.99.10$1.90/tonneFree (V1)
1001.99.2076.5%Free (V2)
1003.10.11$0.99/tonneFree (V1)
1003.10.1294.5%Free (V2)
1003.10.91$0.99/tonneFree (V1)
1003.10.9221%Free (V2)
1003.90.11$0.99/tonneFree (V1)
1003.90.1294.5%Free (V2)
1003.90.91$0.99/tonneFree (V1)
1003.90.9221%Free (V2)
1101.00.10$2.42/tonneFree (V1)
1101.00.20$139.83/tonneFree (V2)
1102.20.006%Free (V1)
1102.90.114%Free (V1)
1102.90.12$213.80/tonne plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1102.90.906%Free (V1)
1103.11.10$2.42/tonneFree (V1)
1103.11.20$105.33/tonneFree (V2)
1103.19.113%Free (V1)
1103.19.12$177.50/tonne plus 6.5%Free (V2)
1103.20.113.5%Free (V1)
1103.20.12$98.60/tonne plus 7%Free (V2)
1103.20.213.5%Free (V1)
1103.20.22$15.90/tonne plus 7%Free (V2)
1104.19.113.5%Free (V1)
1104.19.12$106.50/tonne plus 7%Free (V2)
1104.19.214%Free (V1)
1104.19.22$177.50/tonne plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1104.29.113.5%Free (V1)
1104.29.12$113.40/tonne plus 7%Free (V2)
1104.29.214%Free (V1)
1104.29.22$177.50/tonne plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1104.30.113.5%Free (V1)
1104.30.12$98.60/tonne plus 7%Free (V2)
1105.10.0010.5%Free (V2)
1105.20.008.5%Free (V1)
1106.10.906%Free (V1)
1107.10.110.31¢/kgFree (V1)
1107.10.12$157.00/tonneFree (V2)
1107.10.910.47¢/kgFree (V1)
1107.10.92$160.10/tonneFree (V2)
1107.20.110.31¢/kgFree (V1)
1107.20.12$141.50/tonneFree (V2)
1108.11.100.95¢/kgFree (V1)
1108.11.20$237.90/tonneFree (V2)
1108.13.0010.5%Free (V1)
1108.19.110.83¢/kgFree (V1)
1108.19.12$188.50/tonneFree (V2)
1109.00.107.5%Free (V2)
1109.00.20$397.30/tonne plus 14.5%Free (V2)
1208.10.106%Free (V1)
1208.90.106%Free (V1)
1504.10.995%Free (V1)
1504.20.904.5%Free (V1)
1504.30.006.5%Free (V1)
1507.10.004.5%Free (V1)
1507.90.909.5%Free (V1)
1508.90.009.5%Free (V1)
1511.90.9011%Free (V1)
1512.11.004.5%Free (V1)
1512.19.109.5%Free (V1)
1512.19.2011%Free (V1)
1512.29.009.5%Free (V1)
1513.29.9011%Free (V1)
1514.11.006%Free (V1)
1514.19.0011%Free (V1)
1514.91.006%Free (V1)
1514.99.0011%Free (V1)
1515.11.004.5%Free (V1)
1515.19.008%Free (V1)
1515.21.004.5%Free (V1)
1515.29.009.5%Free (V1)
1515.50.106%Free (V1)
1515.50.9011%Free (V1)
1515.90.916%Free (V1)
1515.90.9911%Free (V1)
1517.90.9911%Free (V1)
1518.00.104.5%Free (V1)
1601.00.1112.5%Free (V1)
1601.00.1912.5%Free (V1)
1602.10.1012.5%Free (V1)
1602.10.9012.5%Free (V1)
1602.31.1111%Free (V1)
1602.31.9112.5%Free (V1)
1602.31.922.5%Free (V1)
1602.32.1111%Free (V1)
1602.32.919.5%Free (V1)
1602.39.1011%Free (V1)
1602.39.919.5%Free (V1)
1602.41.109.5%Free (V1)
1602.42.109.5%Free (V1)
1602.49.1012.5%Free (V1)
1602.50.1011%Free (V1)
1602.50.919.5%Free (V1)
1602.90.1011%Free (V1)
1602.90.9112.5%Free (V1)
1603.00.116%Free (V1)
1603.00.196%Free (V1)
1603.00.203%Free (V1)
1604.12.905%Free (V1)
1604.13.909%Free (V1)
1604.14.104.5%Free (V1)
1604.14.907%Free (V1)
1604.15.008%Free (V1)
1604.16.909%Free (V1)
1604.17.007%Free (V1)
1604.19.107%Free (V1)
1604.19.907%Free (V1)
1604.20.1011%Free (V1)
1604.20.207%Free (V1)
1604.20.907%Free (V1)
1604.31.003%Free (V1)
1604.32.003%Free (V1)
1605.10.005%Free (V1)
1605.30.904%Free (V1)
1605.40.105%Free (V1)
1605.40.905%Free (V1)
1605.52.004%Free (V1)
1605.53.004%Free (V1)
1605.56.006.5%Free (V1)
1605.57.004%Free (V1)
1605.58.004%Free (V1)
1605.59.104%Free (V1)
1605.59.904%Free (V1)
1605.61.004%Free (V1)
1605.62.004%Free (V1)
1605.63.004%Free (V1)
1605.69.004%Free (V1)
1701.12.90$24.69/tonneFree (V1)
1701.13.90$22.05/tonneFree (V1)
1701.91.90$30.86/tonneFree (V2)
1701.99.90$30.86/tonneFree (V2)
1702.11.006%Free (V1)
1702.19.006%Free (V1)
1702.30.903.5%Free (V1)
1702.40.006%Free (V1)
1702.60.003.5%Free (V1)
1702.90.11$11.99/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.12$13.05/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.13$13.26/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.14$13.47/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.15$13.69/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.16$13.90/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.17$14.11/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.18$15.17/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.292.12¢/kgFree (V1)
1702.90.406%Free (V1)
1702.90.508.5%Free (V1)
1702.90.69$26.67/tonneFree (V1)
1702.90.89$4.52/tonneFree (V2)
1702.90.9011%Free (V1)
1703.10.1012.5%Free (V1)
1703.90.1012.5%Free (V1)
1704.10.009.5%Free (V1)
1704.90.2010%Free (V1)
1704.90.909.5%Free (V1)
1805.00.006%Free (V1)
1806.10.106%Free (V1)
1806.10.906%Free (V1)
1806.20.906%Free (V1)
1806.31.006%Free (V1)
1806.32.006%Free (V1)
1901.10.106%Free (V1)
1901.10.209.5%Free (V2)
1901.10.909.5%Free (V2)
1901.20.134%Free (V1)
1901.20.144%Free (V1)
1901.20.1511.93¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1901.20.196%Free (V1)
1901.20.233%Free (V1)
1901.20.2411.93¢/kg plus 6%Free (V2)
1901.20.294.5%Free (V1)
1901.90.118.5%Free (V2)
1901.90.1219.78¢/kg plus 17%Free (V2)
1901.90.204.5%Free (V1)
1901.90.399.5%Free (V2)
1901.90.409.5%Free (V2)
1901.90.599.5%Free (V2)
1902.11.104%Free (V1)
1902.11.214%Free (V1)
1902.11.2916.27¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1902.11.906%Free (V1)
1902.19.2316.27¢/kgFree (V2)
1902.19.914%Free (V1)
1902.19.924%Free (V1)
1902.19.9316.27¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1902.20.0011%Free (V2)
1902.30.394.01¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1902.30.5011%Free (V1)
1902.40.105.5%Free (V1)
1902.40.204.5 %Free (V1)
1904.10.104%Free (V1)
1904.10.214%Free (V1)
1904.10.2911.64¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1904.10.304%Free (V1)
1904.10.414%Free (V1)
1904.10.4912.6¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1904.10.906%Free (V1)
1904.20.104%Free (V1)
1904.20.214%Free (V1)
1904.20.299.17¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1904.20.304%Free (V1)
1904.20.414%Free (V1)
1904.20.499.95¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1904.20.506%Free (V1)
1904.20.613%Free (V1)
1904.20.629.17¢/kg plus 6%Free (V2)
1904.20.633%Free (V1)
1904.20.649.95¢/kg plus 6%Free (V2)
1904.20.694.5%Free (V1)
1904.30.104%Free (V1)
1904.30.214%Free (V1)
1904.30.299.17¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1904.30.506%Free (V1)
1904.30.613%Free (V1)
1904.30.629.17¢/kg plus 6%Free (V2)
1904.30.694.5%Free (V1)
1904.90.104%Free (V1)
1904.90.214%Free (V1)
1904.90.299.17¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1904.90.304%Free (V1)
1904.90.409.95¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1904.90.506%Free (V1)
1904.90.613%Free (V1)
1904.90.629.17¢/kg plus 6%Free (V2)
1904.90.633%Free (V1)
1904.90.649.95¢/kg plus 6%Free (V2)
1904.90.694.5%Free (V1)
1905.10.2913.51¢/kgFree (V2)
1905.10.404%Free (V1)
1905.10.514%Free (V1)
1905.10.5913.51¢/kg plus 8.5%Free (V2)
1905.10.606%Free (V1)
1905.10.713%Free (V1)
1905.10.7213.51¢/kg plus 6%Free (V2)
1905.10.794.5%Free (V1)
1905.20.003%Free (V1)
1905.31.212%Free (V1)
1905.31.222%Free (V1)
1905.31.235.42¢/kg plus 4%Free (V2)
1905.31.293%Free (V1)
1905.31.912%Free (V1)
1905.31.922%Free (V1)
1905.31.935.42¢/kg plus 4%Free (V2)
1905.31.993%Free (V1)
1905.32.912%Free (V1)
1905.32.922%Free (V1)
1905.32.935.42¢/kg plus 4%Free (V2)
1905.32.993%Free (V1)
1905.40.3913.51¢/kgFree (V2)
1905.40.503.5%Free (V1)
1905.40.613.5%Free (V1)
1905.40.6913.51¢/kg plus 7.5%Free (V2)
1905.40.905.5%Free (V1)
2001.10.008%Free (V1)
2001.90.108%Free (V1)
2002.10.0011.5%Free (V2)
2002.90.0011.5%Free (V2)
2003.10.0017%Free (V2)
2003.90.9017%Free (V2)
2004.10.006%Free (V1)
2004.90.1114.5%Free (V2)
2004.90.1214.5%Free (V2)
2004.90.2014%Free (V2)
2004.90.3017%Free (V2)
2004.90.999.5%Free (V2)
2005.10.008%Free (V1)
2005.20.006%Free (V1)
2005.40.008%Free (V1)
2005.51.908%Free (V1)
2005.59.008%Free (V1)
2005.60.0014%Free (V2)
2005.70.908%Free (V1)
2005.80.0010.5%Free (V2)
2005.99.1114.5%Free (V2)
2005.99.198%Free (V1)
2005.99.908%Free (V1)
2006.00.109.5%Free (V2)
2007.10.006.5%Free (V1)
2007.91.008.5%Free (V1)
2007.99.1012.5%Free (V2)
2007.99.908.5%Free (V1)
2008.40.106%Free (V1)
2008.40.209.5%Free (V2)
2008.40.909.5%Free (V2)
2008.50.106%Free (V1)
2008.50.909.5%Free (V2)
2008.60.106%Free (V1)
2008.60.9012.5%Free (V2)
2008.70.106%Free (V1)
2008.70.908%Free (V1)
2008.80.008.5%Free (V1)
2008.97.906%Free (V1)
2008.99.104%Free (V1)
2008.99.204%Free (V1)
2008.99.406%Free (V1)
2009.50.0012.5%Free (V2)
2009.61.909.5%Free (V2)
2009.69.909.5%Free (V2)
2009.71.108.5%Free (V1)
2009.71.904%Free (V1)
2009.79.198.5%Free (V1)
2009.79.904%Free (V1)
2009.89.209.5%Free (V2)
2009.90.306%Free (V1)
2009.90.409.5%Free (V2)
2102.10.108%Free (V1)
2102.10.206%Free (V1)
2103.20.1012.5%Free (V2)
2103.20.9012.5%Free (V2)
2103.30.103%Free (V1)
2103.30.209.5%Free (V2)
2103.90.1011%Free (V2)
2103.90.208%Free (V2)
2103.90.909.5%Free (V2)
2104.10.006%Free (V1)
2104.20.0011%Free (V2)
2105.00.109.5%Free (V2)
2106.10.0011%Free (V1)
2106.90.216%Free (V1)
2106.90.296%Free (V1)
2106.90.358%Free (V1)
2106.90.398%Free (V1)
2106.90.416%Free (V1)
2106.90.426%Free (V1)
2106.90.9110.5%Free (V2)
2106.90.9210.5%Free (V2)
2106.90.958%Free (V1)
2106.90.9810.5%Free (V1)
2106.90.9910.5%Free (V2)
2201.90.006.5%Free (V1)
2202.10.0011%Free (V1)
2202.90.203.3¢/litreFree (V1)
2202.90.3111%Free (V2)
2202.90.3211%Free (V2)
2202.90.4111%Free (V1)
2202.90.4911%Free (V2)
2202.90.9011%Free (V1)
2204.21.101.87¢/litreFree (V1)
2204.21.214.68¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.1128.16¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.1228.16¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.183%Free (V1)
2206.00.193%Free (V1)
2206.00.217.74¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.227.74¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.3121.12¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.3921.12¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.4128.16¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.4928.16¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.638.52¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.649.25¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.6510¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.6610.73¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.6711.48¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.6812.21¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.7112.95¢/litreFree (V1)
2206.00.7212.95¢/litreFree (V1)
2207.10.1012.28¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2207.10.904.92¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2207.20.114.92¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2207.20.124.92¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2207.20.1912.28¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2207.20.906.5%Free (V1)
2208.60.0012.28¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2208.90.2112.28¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2208.90.294.92¢/litre of absolute ethyl alcoholFree (V1)
2301.20.193%Free (V1)
2302.30.20$98.60/tonne plus 4%Free (V2)
2302.40.12$106.91/tonneFree (V2)
2309.90.2010.5%Free (V1)
2309.90.333%Free (V1)
2309.90.343%Free (V1)
2309.90.353%Free (V1)
2309.90.363%Free (V1)
2309.90.998%Free (V1)
2401.10.995.5%Free (V1)
2401.30.006.5%Free (V1)
2402.20.0012.5%Free (V1)
2402.90.006.5%Free (V1)
2403.11.004%Free (V1)
2403.19.004%Free (V1)
2403.91.9013%Free (V1)
2403.99.105%Free (V1)
2403.99.209.5%Free (V1)
2403.99.909.5%Free (V1)
2710.12.205%Free (V1)
2710.19.915%Free (V1)
2710.20.105%Free (V1)
2711.19.1012.5%Free (V1)
2852.90.106.5%Free (V1)
3206.11.906%Free (V1)
3302.90.005%Free (V1)
3303.00.006.5%Free (V1)
3304.10.006.5%Free (V1)
3304.20.006.5%Free (V1)
3304.30.006.5%Free (V1)
3304.91.006.5%Free (V1)
3304.99.906.5%Free (V1)
3305.10.006.5%Free (V1)
3305.20.006.5%Free (V1)
3305.30.006.5%Free (V1)
3305.90.006.5%Free (V1)
3306.10.006.5%Free (V1)
3306.20.008%Free (V1)
3306.90.006.5%Free (V1)
3307.10.006.5%Free (V1)
3307.20.006.5%Free (V1)
3307.30.006.5%Free (V1)
3307.41.006.5%Free (V1)
3307.49.006.5%Free (V1)
3307.90.006.5%Free (V1)
3401.11.906.5%Free (V1)
3401.19.006.5%Free (V1)
3401.20.906.5%Free (V1)
3401.30.006.5%Free (V1)
3407.00.106.5%Free (V1)
3407.00.206.5%Free (V1)
3502.20.006.5%Free (V1)
3502.90.006.5%Free (V1)
3503.00.908%Free (V1)
3505.10.198%Free (V1)
3505.10.206.5%Free (V1)
3505.20.908%Free (V1)
3917.32.906.5%Free (V1)
3917.33.006.5%Free (V1)
3917.39.906.5%Free (V1)
3918.10.106.5%Free (V1)
3918.10.906.5%Free (V1)
3918.90.106.5%Free (V1)
3918.90.906.5%Free (V1)
3919.10.206.5%Free (V1)
3919.10.996.5%Free (V1)
3922.10.006.5%Free (V1)
3923.21.906.5%Free (V1)
3923.29.906.5%Free (V1)
3923.30.906.5%Free (V1)
3923.50.906.5%Free (V1)
3923.90.906.5%Free (V1)
3925.10.006.5%Free (V1)
3925.20.006.5%Free (V1)
3925.30.006.5%Free (V1)
3925.90.006.5%Free (V1)
3926.10.006.5%Free (V1)
3926.20.916.5%Free (V1)
3926.20.926.5%Free (V1)
3926.90.996.5%Free (V1)
4011.10.007%Free (V2)
4011.20.007%Free (V2)
4011.61.906.5%Free (V1)
4011.62.906.5%Free (V1)
4011.63.906.5%Free (V1)
4011.69.906.5%Free (V1)
4011.92.906.5%Free (V1)
4011.93.906.5%Free (V1)
4011.94.906.5%Free (V1)
4011.99.906.5%Free (V1)
4012.20.206.5%Free (V1)
4012.20.906.5%Free (V1)
4012.90.906.5%Free (V1)
4013.10.006.5%Free (V1)
4015.19.9015.5%Free (V1)
4015.90.9014%Free (V1)
4016.91.007%Free (V1)
4016.99.306.5%Free (V1)
4016.99.906.5%Free (V1)
4201.00.907%Free (V1)
4202.11.0011%Free (V1)
4202.12.1011%Free (V1)
4202.12.9011%Free (V1)
4202.19.0011%Free (V1)
4202.21.0010%Free (V1)
4202.22.1010.5%Free (V1)
4202.22.9010.5%Free (V1)
4202.29.0010.5%Free (V1)
4202.31.008.5%Free (V1)
4202.32.108%Free (V1)
4202.32.908%Free (V1)
4202.39.009.5%Free (V1)
4202.91.2011%Free (V1)
4202.91.907%Free (V1)
4202.92.2010%Free (V1)
4202.92.907%Free (V1)
4202.99.907%Free (V1)
4203.29.107%Free (V1)
4203.29.9015.5%Free (V1)
4203.30.009.5%Free (V1)
4203.40.008%Free (V1)
4303.10.1015.5%Free (V1)
4303.10.2014%Free (V1)
4303.10.908%Free (V1)
4303.90.0010%Free (V1)
4304.00.0015.5%Free (V1)
5207.10.008%Free (V1)
5406.00.108%Free (V1)
5511.10.008%Free (V1)
5511.20.008%Free (V1)
5601.21.3014%Free (V1)
5601.22.5016%Free (V1)
5607.29.2010%Free (V1)
5607.29.9010%Free (V1)
5607.49.2010%Free (V1)
5607.49.9010%Free (V1)
5607.50.2010%Free (V1)
5607.50.9010%Free (V1)
5607.90.2010%Free (V1)
5607.90.9010%Free (V1)
5608.11.9014%Free (V1)
5608.19.9014%Free (V1)
5608.90.9013%Free (V1)
5609.00.0014%Free (V1)
5701.10.1013%Free (V1)
5701.10.906.5%Free (V1)
5701.90.1012.5%Free (V1)
5701.90.906.5%Free (V1)
5702.10.0012.5%Free (V1)
5702.31.0012.5%Free (V1)
5702.32.0012.5%Free (V1)
5702.39.0012.5%Free (V1)
5702.41.0012.5%Free (V1)
5702.42.0014%Free (V1)
5702.49.0014%Free (V1)
5702.50.106.5%Free (V1)
5702.50.9012.5%Free (V1)
5702.91.0012.5%Free (V1)
5702.92.0014%Free (V1)
5702.99.106.5%Free (V1)
5702.99.9012.5%Free (V1)
5703.10.1012.5%Free (V1)
5703.10.9010%Free (V1)
5703.20.1012.5%Free (V1)
5703.20.9010%Free (V1)
5703.30.1012.5%Free (V1)
5703.30.9010%Free (V1)
5703.90.1012.5%Free (V1)
5703.90.9010%Free (V1)
5704.10.0012.5%Free (V1)
5704.90.0012.5%Free (V1)
5705.00.0012%Free (V1)
5805.00.9014%Free (V1)
5901.90.107%Free (V1)
5904.10.007%Free (V1)
5904.90.1013.5%Free (V1)
5904.90.9018%Free (V1)
5905.00.105%Free (V1)
5905.00.9014%Free (V1)
5907.00.2914%Free (V1)
5908.00.9014%Free (V1)
5909.00.1012%Free (V1)
6101.20.0018%Free (V1)
6101.30.0018%Free (V1)
6101.90.0018%Free (V1)
6102.10.0018%Free (V1)
6102.20.0018%Free (V1)
6102.30.0018%Free (V1)
6102.90.0018%Free (V1)
6103.10.1018%Free (V1)
6103.10.9018%Free (V1)
6103.22.0018%Free (V1)
6103.23.0018%Free (V1)
6103.29.0018%Free (V1)
6103.31.0018%Free (V1)
6103.32.0018%Free (V1)
6103.33.0018%Free (V1)
6103.39.1018%Free (V1)
6103.39.9018%Free (V1)
6103.41.0018%Free (V1)
6103.42.0018%Free (V1)
6103.43.0018%Free (V1)
6103.49.0018%Free (V1)
6104.13.0018%Free (V1)
6104.19.0018%Free (V1)
6104.22.0018%Free (V1)
6104.23.0018%Free (V1)
6104.29.0018%Free (V1)
6104.31.0018%Free (V1)
6104.32.0018%Free (V1)
6104.33.0018%Free (V1)
6104.39.1018%Free (V1)
6104.39.9018%Free (V1)
6104.41.0018%Free (V1)
6104.42.0018%Free (V1)
6104.43.0018%Free (V1)
6104.44.0018%Free (V1)
6104.49.0018%Free (V1)
6104.51.0018%Free (V1)
6104.52.0018%Free (V1)
6104.53.0018%Free (V1)
6104.59.1018%Free (V1)
6104.59.9018%Free (V1)
6104.61.0018%Free (V1)
6104.62.0018%Free (V1)
6104.63.0018%Free (V1)
6104.69.0018%Free (V1)
6105.10.0018%Free (V1)
6105.20.0018%Free (V1)
6105.90.0018%Free (V1)
6106.10.0018%Free (V1)
6106.20.0018%Free (V1)
6106.90.0018%Free (V1)
6107.11.0018%Free (V1)
6107.12.0018%Free (V1)
6107.19.0018%Free (V1)
6107.21.0018%Free (V1)
6107.22.0018%Free (V1)
6107.29.0018%Free (V1)
6107.91.0018%Free (V1)
6107.99.0018%Free (V1)
6108.11.0018%Free (V1)
6108.19.0018%Free (V1)
6108.21.0018%Free (V1)
6108.22.0018%Free (V1)
6108.29.0018%Free (V1)
6108.31.0018%Free (V1)
6108.32.0018%Free (V1)
6108.39.0018%Free (V1)
6108.91.0018%Free (V1)
6108.92.0018%Free (V1)
6108.99.0018%Free (V1)
6109.10.0018%Free (V1)
6109.90.0018%Free (V1)
6110.11.1018%Free (V1)
6110.11.9018%Free (V1)
6110.12.1018%Free (V1)
6110.12.9018%Free (V1)
6110.19.1018%Free (V1)
6110.19.9018%Free (V1)
6110.20.0018%Free (V1)
6110.30.0018%Free (V1)
6110.90.0018%Free (V1)
6112.11.0018%Free (V1)
6112.12.0018%Free (V1)
6112.19.0018%Free (V1)
6112.20.0018%Free (V1)
6112.31.0018%Free (V1)
6112.39.0018%Free (V1)
6112.41.0018%Free (V1)
6112.49.0018%Free (V1)
6113.00.2010%Free (V1)
6113.00.9018%Free (V1)
6114.20.0018%Free (V1)
6114.30.0018%Free (V1)
6114.90.0018%Free (V1)
6115.10.1018%Free (V1)
6115.10.9116%Free (V1)
6115.10.9916%Free (V1)
6115.21.0018%Free (V1)
6115.22.0018%Free (V1)
6115.29.0018%Free (V1)
6115.30.0016%Free (V1)
6115.94.0016%Free (V1)
6115.95.0016%Free (V1)
6115.96.0016%Free (V1)
6115.99.0016%Free (V1)
6116.10.0018%Free (V1)
6116.91.0018%Free (V1)
6116.92.0018%Free (V1)
6116.93.0018%Free (V1)
6116.99.0018%Free (V1)
6117.10.9018%Free (V1)
6117.80.1012%Free (V1)
6117.80.9018%Free (V1)
6117.90.2010%Free (V1)
6117.90.9018%Free (V1)
6201.11.0018%Free (V1)
6201.12.0017%Free (V1)
6201.13.0018%Free (V1)
6201.19.0017%Free (V1)
6201.91.0018%Free (V1)
6201.92.1018%Free (V1)
6201.92.9017%Free (V1)
6201.93.0017%Free (V1)
6201.99.0017%Free (V1)
6202.11.0018%Free (V1)
6202.12.0017%Free (V1)
6202.13.0018%Free (V1)
6202.19.0016%Free (V1)
6202.91.0018%Free (V1)
6202.92.0017%Free (V1)
6202.93.0018%Free (V1)
6202.99.0017%Free (V1)
6203.11.0018%Free (V1)
6203.12.0018%Free (V1)
6203.19.1017%Free (V1)
6203.19.9017%Free (V1)
6203.22.0017%Free (V1)
6203.23.0018%Free (V1)
6203.29.1018%Free (V1)
6203.29.9017%Free (V1)
6203.31.0018%Free (V1)
6203.32.0017%Free (V1)
6203.33.0018%Free (V1)
6203.39.1017%Free (V1)
6203.39.9017%Free (V1)
6203.41.0018%Free (V1)
6203.42.0017%Free (V1)
6203.43.0018%Free (V1)
6203.49.0018%Free (V1)
6204.11.0018%Free (V1)
6204.12.0017%Free (V1)
6204.13.0018%Free (V1)
6204.19.1018%Free (V1)
6204.19.9018%Free (V1)
6204.21.0018%Free (V1)
6204.22.0017%Free (V1)
6204.23.0018%Free (V1)
6204.29.0017%Free (V1)
6204.31.0018%Free (V1)
6204.32.0017%Free (V1)
6204.33.0018%Free (V1)
6204.39.1017%Free (V1)
6204.39.9017%Free (V1)
6204.41.0018%Free (V1)
6204.42.0017%Free (V1)
6204.43.0018%Free (V1)
6204.44.0018%Free (V1)
6204.49.0016%Free (V1)
6204.51.0018%Free (V1)
6204.52.0017%Free (V1)
6204.53.0018%Free (V1)
6204.59.1017%Free (V1)
6204.59.9017%Free (V1)
6204.61.0018%Free (V1)
6204.62.0017%Free (V1)
6204.63.0018%Free (V1)
6204.69.0017%Free (V1)
6205.20.0017%Free (V1)
6205.30.0018%Free (V1)
6205.90.1018%Free (V1)
6205.90.9018%Free (V1)
6206.10.0016%Free (V1)
6206.20.0018%Free (V1)
6206.30.0017%Free (V1)
6206.40.0018%Free (V1)
6206.90.0017%Free (V1)
6207.11.0017%Free (V1)
6207.19.0018%Free (V1)
6207.21.0017%Free (V1)
6207.22.0018%Free (V1)
6207.29.0016%Free (V1)
6207.91.0017%Free (V1)
6207.99.1018%Free (V1)
6207.99.9017%Free (V1)
6208.11.0018%Free (V1)
6208.19.0017%Free (V1)
6208.21.0017%Free (V1)
6208.22.0018%Free (V1)
6208.29.0016%Free (V1)
6208.91.0017%Free (V1)
6208.92.0018%Free (V1)
6208.99.0016%Free (V1)
6210.10.9018%Free (V1)
6210.20.0018%Free (V1)
6210.30.0018%Free (V1)
6210.40.9018%Free (V1)
6210.50.9018%Free (V1)
6211.11.0018%Free (V1)
6211.12.9018%Free (V1)
6211.20.0018%Free (V1)
6211.32.0017%Free (V1)
6211.33.107.5%Free (V1)
6211.33.9018%Free (V1)
6211.39.1018%Free (V1)
6211.39.9017%Free (V1)
6211.42.0017%Free (V1)
6211.43.106%Free (V1)
6211.43.207.5%Free (V1)
6211.43.9018%Free (V1)
6211.49.106%Free (V1)
6211.49.207.5%Free (V1)
6211.49.9118%Free (V1)
6211.49.9917%Free (V1)
6212.10.0018%Free (V1)
6212.20.0018%Free (V1)
6212.30.0018%Free (V1)
6212.90.0018%Free (V1)
6213.20.009%Free (V1)
6213.90.109%Free (V1)
6213.90.9013%Free (V1)
6214.10.909%Free (V1)
6214.20.9018%Free (V1)
6214.30.9018%Free (V1)
6214.40.0018%Free (V1)
6214.90.0018%Free (V1)
6215.10.0016%Free (V1)
6215.20.0018%Free (V1)
6215.90.0018%Free (V1)
6216.00.0018%Free (V1)
6217.10.107.5%Free (V1)
6217.10.9015%Free (V1)
6301.10.0017%Free (V1)
6301.20.0017%Free (V1)
6301.30.0017%Free (V1)
6301.40.0017%Free (V1)
6301.90.0017%Free (V1)
6302.10.0018%Free (V1)
6302.21.0017%Free (V1)
6302.22.0018%Free (V1)
6302.29.0017%Free (V1)
6302.31.0017%Free (V1)
6302.32.0018%Free (V1)
6302.39.0017%Free (V1)
6302.40.0018%Free (V1)
6302.51.0017%Free (V1)
6302.53.107.5%Free (V1)
6302.53.9018%Free (V1)
6302.59.109%Free (V1)
6302.59.9017%Free (V1)
6302.60.0017%Free (V1)
6302.91.0017%Free (V1)
6302.93.0018%Free (V1)
6302.99.1016%Free (V1)
6302.99.9017%Free (V1)
6303.12.0018%Free (V1)
6303.19.0018%Free (V1)
6303.91.0017%Free (V1)
6303.92.1018%Free (V1)
6303.92.9018%Free (V1)
6303.99.0018%Free (V1)
6304.11.0018%Free (V1)
6304.19.0018%Free (V1)
6304.91.1015.5%Free (V1)
6304.91.9018%Free (V1)
6304.92.1015.5%Free (V1)
6304.92.9017%Free (V1)
6304.93.1015.5%Free (V1)
6304.93.9018%Free (V1)
6304.99.1015.5%Free (V1)
6304.99.9017%Free (V1)
6305.10.005%Free (V1)
6305.20.0017%Free (V1)
6305.32.0018%Free (V1)
6305.33.0018%Free (V1)
6305.39.0018%Free (V1)
6305.90.005%Free (V1)
6306.12.0018%Free (V1)
6306.19.0017%Free (V1)
6306.22.0018%Free (V1)
6306.29.0017%Free (V1)
6306.30.0016%Free (V1)
6306.40.0012%Free (V1)
6306.90.1017%Free (V1)
6306.90.9018%Free (V1)
6307.10.1017%Free (V1)
6307.10.9017%Free (V1)
6307.20.0017%Free (V1)
6307.90.207.5%Free (V1)
6307.90.3012%Free (V1)
6307.90.4017%Free (V1)
6307.90.5014%Free (V1)
6307.90.919%Free (V1)
6307.90.9216%Free (V1)
6307.90.9317%Free (V1)
6307.90.9918%Free (V1)
6308.00.0018%Free (V1)
6309.00.9018%Free (V1)
6401.10.1120%Free (V2)
6401.10.1920%Free (V4)
6401.10.2020%Free (V4)
6401.92.1120%Free (V2)
6401.92.1220%Free (V2)
6401.92.3020%Free (V2)
6401.92.9120%Free (V4)
6401.99.1120%Free (V2)
6401.99.1920%Free (V4)
6401.99.2020%Free (V4)
6402.19.1017.5%Free (V2)
6402.20.1116%Free (V2)
6402.20.1916%Free (V2)
6402.20.2018%Free (V2)
6402.91.1017.5%Free (V4)
6402.91.9017.5%Free (V4)
6402.99.1017.5%Free (V4)
6403.20.0018%Free (V2)
6403.40.0018%Free (V4)
6403.51.0018%Free (V2)
6403.59.2011%Free (V2)
6403.59.9018%Free (V2)
6403.91.0018%Free (V4)
6403.99.3011%Free (V2)
6404.11.1116%Free (V2)
6404.11.1916%Free (V2)
6404.11.9118%Free (V2)
6404.19.207.5%Free (V2)
6404.19.3016%Free (V2)
6404.19.9018%Free (V4)
6404.20.9018%Free (V2)
6405.10.9018%Free (V2)
6405.20.2018%Free (V2)
6405.20.9018%Free (V2)
6405.90.0018%Free (V2)
6406.10.918%Free (V2)
6406.90.3010%Free (V2)
6504.00.9012.5%Free (V1)
6505.00.1015.5%Free (V2)
6505.00.3912.5%Free (V1)
6505.00.4012.5%Free (V2)
6505.00.9015.5%Free (V2)
6506.10.908.5%Free (V2)
6506.91.009%Free (V1)
6506.99.105%Free (V2)
6506.99.208%Free (V1)
6506.99.9012.5%Free (V2)
6601.10.007%Free (V1)
6601.91.007.5%Free (V1)
6601.99.007.5%Free (V1)
6602.00.907%Free (V1)
6702.90.906.5%Free (V1)
6704.11.0015.5%Free (V1)
6704.19.0015.5%Free (V1)
6704.20.0015.5%Free (V1)
6704.90.0015.5%Free (V1)
6812.91.0015.5%Free (V1)
6813.20.195%Free (V1)
6813.81.905%Free (V1)
6908.90.908%Free (V1)
6912.00.907%Free (V1)
7113.11.908.5%Free (V1)
7113.19.906.5%Free (V1)
7113.20.908.5%Free (V1)
7117.19.908.5%Free (V1)
7117.90.008.5%Free (V1)
7302.30.906.5%Free (V1)
7307.29.204.5%Free (V2)
7315.20.006%Free (V1)
7319.40.907%Free (V1)
7319.90.107%Free (V1)
7321.11.108%Free (V2)
7321.11.908%Free (V2)
7321.12.008%Free (V2)
7321.19.108%Free (V1)
7321.19.908%Free (V1)
7321.81.007%Free (V2)
7321.82.007%Free (V1)
7321.89.007%Free (V2)
7321.90.218%Free (V2)
7321.90.228%Free (V2)
7321.90.238%Free (V2)
7321.90.298%Free (V2)
7321.90.908%Free (V2)
7322.90.107.5%Free (V1)
7323.10.006.5%Free (V2)
7323.91.006.5%Free (V1)
7323.92.006.5%Free (V1)
7323.94.006.5%Free (V1)
7323.99.006.5%Free (V2)
7324.10.007%Free (V1)
7324.90.006.5%Free (V1)
7325.99.916%Free (V2)
7325.99.996.5%Free (V1)
7326.19.906.5%Free (V2)
7326.20.006.5%Free (V2)
7326.90.906.5%Free (V1)
7610.10.006.5%Free (V2)
7610.90.906.5%Free (V2)
7612.10.006.5%Free (V1)
7612.90.106.5%Free (V1)
7612.90.906.5%Free (V2)
7615.10.006.5%Free (V2)
7615.20.006.5%Free (V1)
7616.91.006.5%Free (V1)
7616.99.906.5%Free (V2)
8201.10.005%Free (V1)
8201.30.906%Free (V1)
8201.40.906%Free (V1)
8201.90.296%Free (V1)
8201.90.906.5%Free (V1)
8202.10.007%Free (V2)
8203.20.006.5%Free (V1)
8203.30.906.5%Free (V1)
8203.40.006.5%Free (V2)
8204.11.007%Free (V1)
8204.12.007%Free (V1)
8204.20.006.5%Free (V1)
8205.10.907%Free (V1)
8205.20.907%Free (V1)
8205.30.007%Free (V1)
8205.40.007%Free (V1)
8205.51.906.5%Free (V1)
8205.59.906.5%Free (V2)
8205.70.906.5%Free (V1)
8205.90.107%Free (V1)
8206.00.006.5%Free (V1)
8211.10.1011%Free (V2)
8211.10.907%Free (V1)
8211.91.107%Free (V1)
8211.91.9011%Free (V2)
8211.92.007%Free (V1)
8211.93.005%Free (V1)
8211.95.1911%Free (V2)
8212.10.006.5%Free (V1)
8212.20.006%Free (V1)
8213.00.1011%Free (V2)
8213.00.306.5%Free (V1)
8214.10.006.5%Free (V1)
8214.20.006.5%Free (V2)
8214.90.907%Free (V2)
8215.10.1011%Free (V2)
8215.10.907%Free (V2)
8215.20.1011%Free (V2)
8215.20.906.5%Free (V1)
8215.91.1011%Free (V2)
8215.91.907%Free (V1)
8215.99.1011%Free (V2)
8215.99.906.5%Free (V2)
8301.10.006.5%Free (V2)
8301.40.906.5%Free (V1)
8301.70.906.5%Free (V1)
8302.30.906%Free (V2)
8302.60.906.5%Free (V1)
8303.00.006.5%Free (V2)
8304.00.006.5%Free (V2)
8305.20.006.5%Free (V2)
8305.90.006.5%Free (V1)
8306.10.906.5%Free (V1)
8306.21.005%Free (V1)
8306.29.006.5%Free (V1)
8306.30.006%Free (V1)
8310.00.007%Free (V2)
8414.51.108%Free (V2)
8415.82.916%Free (V1)
8418.10.908%Free (V1)
8418.21.008%Free (V1)
8418.29.008%Free (V1)
8418.30.108%Free (V1)
8418.40.108%Free (V1)
8418.50.107%Free (V2)
8418.50.216%Free (V1)
8418.69.207%Free (V1)
8418.91.206%Free (V1)
8419.11.006.5%Free (V1)
8422.11.908%Free (V2)
8424.10.006.5%Free (V1)
8450.12.008%Free (V2)
8450.19.008%Free (V1)
8451.21.008%Free (V2)
8451.30.106%Free (V1)
8451.40.106%Free (V1)
8452.90.109%Free (V1)
8476.21.106%Free (V1)
8476.89.106%Free (V1)
8506.10.907%Free (V2)
8506.30.007%Free (V1)
8506.40.007%Free (V1)
8506.50.907%Free (V2)
8506.60.007%Free (V2)
8506.80.907%Free (V2)
8507.20.907%Free (V2)
8507.30.907%Free (V2)
8507.40.907%Free (V2)
8507.50.907%Free (V2)
8507.60.907%Free (V2)
8507.80.907%Free (V2)
8509.40.108%Free (V1)
8509.80.108%Free (V1)
8510.20.106%Free (V1)
8512.10.005.5%Free (V1)
8512.30.906.5%Free (V2)
8512.40.006%Free (V1)
8513.10.907%Free (V1)
8516.10.906.5%Free (V1)
8516.29.007%Free (V2)
8516.32.906.5%Free (V1)
8516.60.208%Free (V2)
8516.60.908%Free (V2)
8516.71.109%Free (V1)
8516.71.208%Free (V1)
8516.79.906.5%Free (V2)
8518.21.006.5%Free (V1)
8518.22.006.5%Free (V1)
8518.29.906.5%Free (V1)
8518.50.006.5%Free (V1)
8519.81.995%Free (V1)
8523.21.108.5%Free (V1)
8523.21.206%Free (V1)
8523.29.207%Free (V1)
8523.41.906%Free (V1)
8523.49.906%Free (V1)
8523.51.906%Free (V1)
8523.59.906%Free (V1)
8523.80.906%Free (V1)
8528.72.395%Free (V1)
8528.72.945%Free (V2)
8531.10.906.5%Free (V1)
8539.10.106%Free (V2)
8539.21.007.5%Free (V2)
8539.29.918%Free (V2)
8539.29.996%Free (V2)
8539.31.007%Free (V2)
8539.32.907.5%Free (V2)
8539.39.907.5%Free (V2)
8539.41.907.5%Free (V1)
8539.49.907.5%Free (V1)
8539.90.906%Free (V2)
8601.10.009.5%Free (V2)
8601.20.009.5%Free (V2)
8602.10.009.5%Free (V2)
8602.90.009.5%Free (V1)
8603.10.008%Free (V2)
8603.90.008%Free (V2)
8604.00.106%Free (V1)
8605.00.0011%Free (V2)
8606.10.0011%Free (V2)
8606.30.0011%Free (V2)
8606.91.0011%Free (V2)
8606.92.0011%Free (V2)
8606.99.0011%Free (V2)
8607.19.199.5%Free (V2)
8607.19.299.5%Free (V2)
8607.21.2010%Free (V1)
8607.21.9010%Free (V2)
8607.29.9010%Free (V2)
8607.99.198.5%Free (V2)
8607.99.2011%Free (V2)
8608.00.906.5%Free (V1)
8609.00.906.5%Free (V1)
8701.10.906%Free (V2)
8701.20.006.1%Free (V2)
8701.90.106%Free (V2)
8702.10.106.1%Free (V1)
8702.10.206.1%Free (V1)
8702.90.106.1%Free (V1)
8702.90.206.1%Free (V1)
8703.10.906.1%Free (V3)
8703.21.106.1%Free (V3)
8703.21.906.1%Free (V1)
8703.22.006.1%Free (V1)
8703.23.006.1%Free (V1)
8703.24.006.1%Free (V1)
8703.31.006.1%Free (V1)
8703.32.006.1%Free (V1)
8703.33.006.1%Free (V1)
8703.90.006.1%Free (V2)
8704.21.906.1%Free (V2)
8704.22.006.1%Free (V2)
8704.23.006.1%Free (V2)
8704.31.006.1%Free (V2)
8704.32.006.1%Free (V2)
8704.90.006.1%Free (V2)
8705.10.106.1%Free (V2)
8705.20.006.1%Free (V2)
8705.30.006.7%Free (V2)
8705.40.106.1%Free (V2)
8705.90.106.1%Free (V2)
8706.00.206.1%Free (V2)
8706.00.906.1%Free (V2)
8707.10.006%Free (V2)
8707.90.906%Free (V2)
8708.10.106%Free (V1)
8708.10.296%Free (V1)
8708.21.006%Free (V1)
8708.29.196%Free (V1)
8708.29.608.5%Free (V1)
8708.29.996%Free (V1)
8708.30.196%Free (V1)
8708.50.396%Free (V1)
8708.50.996%Free (V1)
8708.70.196%Free (V1)
8708.70.296%Free (V1)
8708.80.196%Free (V1)
8708.80.306%Free (V1)
8708.80.996%Free (V1)
8708.91.296%Free (V1)
8708.92.296%Free (V1)
8708.94.296%Free (V1)
8708.94.996%Free (V1)
8708.99.156%Free (V1)
8708.99.196%Free (V1)
8708.99.496%Free (V1)
8708.99.596%Free (V1)
8709.19.906%Free (V2)
8712.00.0013%Free (V2)
8714.99.106.5%Free (V1)
8715.00.008%Free (V2)
8716.10.006.5%Free (V1)
8716.31.009.5%Free (V2)
8716.39.309.5%Free (V2)
8716.39.906.5%Free (V2)
8716.40.009.5%Free (V2)
8716.80.206.5%Free (V2)
8716.90.996.5%Free (V1)
8901.10.1025%Free (V4)
8901.10.9025%Free (V4)
8901.20.1025%Free (V2)
8901.20.9025%Free (V4)
8901.30.0025%Free (V2)
8901.90.1015%Free (V2)
8901.90.9125%Free (V2)
8901.90.9925%Free (V4)
8902.00.1025%Free (V4)
8903.10.009.5%Free (V1)
8903.91.009.5%Free (V1)
8903.92.009.5%Free (V1)
8903.99.909.5%Free (V1)
8904.00.0025%Free (V4)
8905.10.0025%Free (V4)
8905.20.1920%Free (V4)
8905.20.2025%Free (V4)
8905.90.1920%Free (V4)
8905.90.9025%Free (V4)
8906.10.0025%Free (V2)
8906.90.1915%Free (V2)
8906.90.9125%Free (V4)
8906.90.9925%Free (V4)
8907.10.909.5%Free (V2)
8907.90.206.5%Free (V1)
8907.90.9015.5%Free (V2)
8908.00.9015.5%Free (V2)
9017.10.208.5%Free (V1)
9017.80.106.5%Free (V1)
9101.11.005%Free (V1)
9101.19.005%Free (V1)
9101.21.005%Free (V1)
9101.29.005%Free (V1)
9101.91.905%Free (V1)
9101.99.005%Free (V1)
9102.11.005%Free (V1)
9102.12.005%Free (V1)
9102.19.005%Free (V1)
9102.21.005%Free (V1)
9102.29.005%Free (V1)
9102.91.905%Free (V1)
9102.99.005%Free (V1)
9103.10.0011%Free (V2)
9103.90.0014%Free (V2)
9105.11.0014%Free (V2)
9105.19.0014%Free (V2)
9105.21.106.5%Free (V1)
9105.21.9014%Free (V2)
9105.29.0014%Free (V2)
9105.91.105%Free (V1)
9105.91.9014%Free (V2)
9105.99.9011%Free (V2)
9113.20.905%Free (V1)
9201.20.007%Free (V1)
9202.90.906%Free (V1)
9207.10.006%Free (V1)
9209.94.905%Free (V1)
9209.99.305.5%Free (V1)
9306.90.907%Free (V1)
9401.30.108%Free (V1)
9401.61.109.5%Free (V1)
9401.69.109.5%Free (V1)
9401.71.108%Free (V1)
9403.20.008%Free (V1)
9403.40.009.5%Free (V1)
9403.50.009.5%Free (V1)
9403.60.109.5%Free (V1)
9403.81.199.5%Free (V1)
9403.89.199.5%Free (V1)
9404.21.009.5%Free (V1)
9404.29.009.5%Free (V2)
9404.30.0015.5%Free (V2)
9404.90.1014%Free (V1)
9404.90.9014%Free (V1)
9405.10.007%Free (V2)
9405.20.007%Free (V2)
9405.40.907%Free (V2)
9405.50.105%Free (V1)
9405.50.907%Free (V1)
9405.60.007%Free (V2)
9406.00.2015.5%Free (V1)
9503.00.108%Free (V1)
9507.10.906.5%Free (V1)
9507.30.006.5%Free (V1)
9507.90.107%Free (V1)
9507.90.996.5%Free (V1)
9601.90.006.5%Free (V1)
9602.00.906.5%Free (V1)
9603.10.1011%Free (V2)
9603.10.207%Free (V1)
9603.21.007%Free (V1)
9603.30.107%Free (V1)
9603.40.1015.5%Free (V1)
9603.40.907%Free (V1)
9603.90.1011%Free (V2)
9603.90.208%Free (V2)
9603.90.3015.5%Free (V2)
9603.90.906.5%Free (V1)
9604.00.006.5%Free (V1)
9605.00.006.5%Free (V1)
9607.11.9010%Free (V2)
9607.19.0011%Free (V2)
9607.20.1011.5%Free (V2)
9608.30.107%Free (V1)
9608.30.907%Free (V2)
9608.40.007%Free (V2)
9608.50.007%Free (V2)
9608.60.907%Free (V2)
9608.91.905%Free (V1)
9608.99.907%Free (V2)
9609.10.007%Free (V2)
9609.20.906%Free (V1)
9609.90.007%Free (V2)
9611.00.006.5%Free (V1)
9612.10.2015.5%Free (V2)
9612.10.3015.5%Free (V2)
9612.10.908.5%Free (V1)
9612.20.008.5%Free (V1)
9613.10.006.5%Free (V1)
9613.20.009%Free (V2)
9613.80.109.5%Free (V1)
9613.80.908%Free (V1)
9613.90.006.5%Free (V1)
9614.00.196.5%Free (V1)
9614.00.907%Free (V1)
9615.11.005.5%Free (V1)
9615.90.006.5%Free (V2)
9616.10.008.5%Free (V1)
9616.20.0012%Free (V2)
9617.00.007.5%Free (V1)
9618.00.009%Free (V1)
9619.00.2212%Free (V1)
9619.00.2318%Free (V1)
9619.00.2417%Free (V1)
9619.00.2518%Free (V1)
9619.00.2918%Free (V1)
9619.00.9212%Free (V1)
9619.00.997%Free (V1)

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