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Appropriation Act No. 1, 2016–17 (S.C. 2016, c. 2)

Assented to 2016-03-24


Based on the Main Estimates 2016–17, the amount granted is $156,666,532.67, being eight twelfths of the amount of the item in the Main Estimates that is set out in this schedule.

Sums granted to Her Majesty by this Act for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017 and the purposes for which they are granted.

Vote No.ItemsAmount in Main Estimates ($)Interim Appropriation Granted by this Act ($)



Justice – Operating expenditures and, pursuant to paragraph 29.1(2)(a) of the Financial Administration Act, authority to expend revenues received in a fiscal year, and to offset expenditures incurred in the fiscal year, arising from the provision of mandatory legal services to Government departments and agencies and optional services to Crown corporations, non‑federal organizations and international organizations provided they are consistent with the Department’s mandate, and from the provision of internal support services to other organizations, and the payment to each member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada who is a Minister without Portfolio or a Minister of State who does not preside over a Ministry of State of a salary not to exceed the salary paid to Ministers of State who preside over Ministries of State under the Salaries Act, as adjusted pursuant to the Parliament of Canada Act and pro rata for any period of less than a year






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