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Boards of Trade Act

Version of section 2 from 2003-04-01 to 2015-02-25:

Marginal note:Definitions

 In this Act,

board of trade

chambre de commerce

board of trade includes chamber of commerce, and, for the purposes of the appointment of weighers of grain under this Act, means any board of trade or chamber of commerce incorporated under any Act of Parliament, of the legislature of the former Province of Canada or of the legislature of any province; (chambre de commerce)



council includes “board of directors” and trustees of the governing body, however designated; (conseil)



district means any judicial district, or temporary judicial district, that is set apart or constituted as such by any Act of Parliament or of the legislature of any province or by any proclamation issued under or by virtue of any such Act, and any city, county, town or village, to any of which may be added one or more townships selected for that purpose, or any group of municipalities or divisions, within and for which a board of trade is established under this Act, and includes

  • (a) in the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and Newfoundland, any electoral district, as constituted for elections to the legislative assembly for any of those provinces, within and for which a board of trade is established, and

  • (b) in the Province of British Columbia and in Yukon, any mining division, or any tract of country described as extending to certain specified distances and in certain specified directions from any stated point, within and for which a board of trade is established. (district)

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  • 2002, c. 7, s. 86

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