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Broadcasting Act

Version of section 71 from 2002-12-31 to 2005-06-28:

Marginal note:Annual report

  •  (1) The Corporation shall, as soon as possible after, but in any case within three months after, the end of each financial year, submit an annual report on the operations of the Corporation in that year concurrently to the Minister and to the President of the Treasury Board, and the Minister shall cause a copy of the report to be laid before each House of Parliament on any of the first fifteen days on which that House is sitting after the Minister receives it.

  • Marginal note:Reference to committee

    (2) An annual report laid before a House of Parliament pursuant to subsection (1) stands permanently referred to such committee of that House or of both Houses of Parliament as may be designated or established to review matters relating to the business and activities of the Corporation.

  • Marginal note:Form and contents

    (3) The annual report of the Corporation shall include

    • (a) the financial statements of the Corporation referred to in section 60,

    • (b) the annual auditor’s report referred to in subsection 62(1),

    • (c) a statement on the extent to which the Corporation has met its objectives for the financial year,

    • (d) quantitative information respecting the performance of the Corporation, including its wholly-owned subsidiaries, if any, relative to the Corporation’s objectives, and

    • (e) such other information in respect of the financial affairs of the Corporation as is required by this Part or by the Minister to be included therein,

    and shall be prepared in a form that clearly sets out information according to the major businesses or activities of the Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, if any.

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