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Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act

Version of section 28 from 2011-12-16 to 2024-05-28:

Marginal note:Maps to be prepared and printed

  •  (1) As soon as feasible after the issue of the proclamation declaring the representation order to be in force, the Chief Electoral Officer shall, with the cooperation of the Department of Natural Resources and in accordance with the descriptions and definitions set out in the order, prepare and print

    • (a) individual maps of each electoral district showing the boundaries of each district;

    • (b) individual maps of each province showing the boundaries of the electoral districts established in the province; and

    • (c) individual maps of all cities and metropolitan municipalities, portions of which are in more than one electoral district.

  • Marginal note:Electronic version of maps

    (2) The Chief Electoral Officer shall provide an electronic version of each map containing its digital geospatial data to each registered party, as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Canada Elections Act.

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