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Energy Efficiency Act

Version of section 20 from 2002-12-31 to 2009-09-20:

Marginal note:Regulations

  •  (1) The Governor in Council may make regulations

    • (a) prescribing as an energy-using product any manufactured product designed to operate using electricity, oil, natural gas or any other form or source of energy or to be used as a door system or window system;

    • (b) prescribing energy efficiency standards for energy-using products or prescribed classes of energy-using products;

    • (c) prescribing the form and manner of labelling energy-using products or their packages or prescribed classes of energy-using products or their packages with respect to the products’ energy efficiency;

    • (d) providing for the testing of energy-using products to determine their energy efficiency;

    • (e) respecting the detention of things seized and detained under subsection 6(4) or 11(1); and

    • (f) respecting the disposition or destruction of anything forfeited under section 15, 16 or 17.

  • Marginal note:Incorporation by reference

    (2) A regulation made under paragraph (1)(b) or (d) incorporating standards by reference may incorporate the standards as amended from time to time.

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