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Firearms Act

Version of section 36 from 2003-01-01 to 2012-04-04:

Marginal note:Temporary licence and registration certificate

  •  (1) A declaration that is confirmed under paragraph 35(1)(b) has the same effect after the importation of the firearm as a licence authorizing the non-resident to possess only that firearm and as a registration certificate for the firearm until the expiration of sixty days after the importation or, in the case of a restricted firearm, until the earlier of

    • (a) the expiration of those sixty days, and

    • (b) the expiration of the authorization to transport.

  • Marginal note:Renewal

    (2) A chief firearms officer may renew the confirmation of a declaration for one or more periods of sixty days.

  • Marginal note:Electronic or other means

    (3) For greater certainty, an application for a renewal of the confirmation of a declaration may be made by telephone or other electronic means or by mail and a chief firearms officer may renew that confirmation by electronic means or by mail.

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