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Investment Canada Act

Version of section 25.4 from 2015-03-13 to 2023-09-13:

Marginal note:Governor in Council’s powers

  •  (1) On the referral of an investment under paragraph 25.3(6)(a) or subsection 25.3(7), the Governor in Council may, by order, within the prescribed period, take any measures in respect of the investment that he or she considers advisable to protect national security, including

    • (a) directing the non-Canadian not to implement the investment;

    • (b) authorizing the investment on condition that the non-Canadian

      • (i) give any written undertakings to Her Majesty in right of Canada relating to the investment that the Governor in Council considers necessary in the circumstances, or

      • (ii) implement the investment on the terms and conditions contained in the order; or

    • (c) requiring the non-Canadian to divest themselves of control of the Canadian business or of their investment in the entity.

  • Marginal note:Copy of order

    (2) The Minister shall send a copy of the order to the non-Canadian or other person or entity to which it is directed without delay after it has been made.

  • Marginal note:Requirement to comply with order

    (3) The non-Canadian or other person or entity to which the order is directed shall comply with the order.

  • Marginal note:Statutory Instruments Act does not apply

    (4) The Statutory Instruments Act does not apply in respect of the order.

  • 2009, c. 2, s. 453
  • 2013, c. 33, s. 142
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