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Olympic and Paralympic Marks Act

Version of section 4 from 2014-12-09 to 2019-06-16:

Marginal note:Prohibited acts

  •  (1) No person shall, during any period prescribed by regulation, in association with a trade-mark or other mark, promote or otherwise direct public attention to their business, goods or services in a manner that misleads or is likely to mislead the public into believing that

    • (a) the person’s business, goods or services are approved, authorized or endorsed by an organizing committee, the COC or the CPC; or

    • (b) a business association exists between the person’s business and the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, an organizing committee, the COC or the CPC.

  • Marginal note:Use of expressions set out in Schedule 3

    (2) In determining whether a person has acted contrary to subsection (1), the court shall take into account any evidence that the person has used, in any language,

    • (a) a combination of expressions set out in Part 1 of Schedule 3; or

    • (b) the combination of an expression set out in Part 1 of Schedule 3 with an expression set out in Part 2 of that Schedule.

  • Marginal note:Proximity to mark

    (3) The placement of an advertisement in proximity to published material — including material published electronically — that contains an Olympic or Paralympic mark or a translation of it in any language is not in itself an act contrary to subsection (1).

  • 2007, c. 25, s. 4
  • 2014, c. 32, s. 62

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