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Special Import Measures Act

Version of section 6 from 2022-06-23 to 2024-05-28:

Marginal note:Countervailing duty

 Where any subsidy on subsidized goods is a prohibited subsidy, there shall be levied, collected and paid on all such subsidized goods imported into Canada

  • (a) in respect of which the Tribunal has made an order or finding, after the release of the goods, that

    • (i) injury has been caused by a massive importation of the goods into Canada, and

    • (ii) the goods are likely to seriously undermine the remedial effect of the duties applicable under subsection 3(1),

  • (b) that were released during the period of ninety days preceding the day on which the President made a preliminary determination of subsidizing in respect of the goods or goods of that description, other than goods that were released before the initiation of an investigation referred to in section 31, and

  • (c) in respect of which the President has made a specification under clause 41(1)(b)(ii)(C),

a countervailing duty in an amount equal to such of the amount of subsidy on the imported goods as is a prohibited subsidy.

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