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Saskatchewan Hog Marketing (Interprovincial and Export) Regulations (C.R.C., c. 272)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01

Saskatchewan Hog Marketing (Interprovincial and Export) Regulations

C.R.C., c. 272


Regulations Respecting the Marketing in Interprovincial and Export Trade of Hogs Produced in Saskatchewan

Short Title

 These Regulations may be cited as the Saskatchewan Hog Marketing (Interprovincial and Export) Regulations.


 In these Regulations,


Act means The Natural Products Marketing Act, 1972 of Saskatchewan; (Loi)

assembly yard

assembly yard means premises to which producers may deliver their hogs; (parc de groupage)


Commission means the Saskatchewan Hog Marketing Commission established pursuant to the Act and the Plan; (Commission)


hog means any member of the species Sus Scrofa L. (domestic pig) produced in Saskatchewan; (porc)

order buyer

order buyer means any person buying sows at a public auction in an assembly yard for the purpose of reselling to or on behalf of another person; (courtier en truies)


Plan means the Saskatchewan Hog Marketing Plan established and amended from time to time pursuant to the Act; (Plan)


processor means any person engaged in the business of processing hogs or using hogs in manufacturing; (transformateur)


producer means

  • (a) any person engaged in producing or feeding hogs and making them available for slaughter and includes the employer of any such person,

  • (b) any person who, under any lease or agreement, is entitled to a share of the hogs produced or fed by a person referred to in paragraph (a), and

  • (c) any person who takes possession of any hogs from any person under any form of security for a debt; (producteur)

small processor

small processor means a processor who, in the previous calendar year, processed less than two per cent of all hogs slaughtered in Saskatchewan according to the reports published by the Department of Agriculture of Canada. (petit transformateur)


 These Regulations apply only to the marketing of hogs in interprovincial and export trade and to persons and property situated in the Province of Saskatchewan.

Purchase and Sale

  •  (1) Subject to sections 5 to 8, no producer shall sell or offer to sell hogs to any person other than the Commission.

  • (2) Subject to sections 5 to 8, no person other than the Commission shall purchase hogs from a producer.


  •  (1) A producer may sell hogs directly to

    • (a) a small processor;

    • (b) a consumer for consumption by the consumer;

    • (c) another producer; and

    • (d) a processor designated by the Commission to provide specific research data.

  • (2) The persons referred to in paragraphs (1)(a) to (d) may purchase hogs directly from a producer.

  •  (1) A producer may sell sows to any order buyer.

  • (2) An order buyer may purchase sows from a producer.

 The following classes of hogs shall be exempt from these Regulations:

  • (a) breeding stock;

  • (b) weanling pigs;

  • (c) feeder pigs; and

  • (d) boars.

  •  (1) A producer may market hogs in the interprovincial trade, otherwise than through the Commission, if he

    • (a) holds a dispensation certificate; and

    • (b) does so through the hog marketing system, if any, in the province where the hogs are marketed.

  • (2) A dispensation certificate may be issued by the Commission to any producer who applies therefor

    • (a) if the producer has obtained prior approval therefor from the hog marketing authority, if any, in the province where the hogs are to be marketed;

    • (b) for a period expiring on December 31st next following the day of issue; and

    • (c) without charge.

Payment to Producers

 A producer selling hogs to the Commission is entitled to receive, immediately after the slaughter of the hogs,

  • (a) where the Commission conducts a pool for the distribution of the proceeds of the sale of the hogs,

    • (i) an initial payment in an amount determined by the Commission, and

    • (ii) payments, in addition to the payment referred to in subparagraph (i), in such amounts and at such times as the Commission determines, until all the proceeds of the sale of the hogs have been paid to the producers entitled thereto, or

  • (b) where the Commission does not conduct a pool referred to in paragraph (a), a payment not exceeding the price obtained by the Commission for the sale of the hogs,

according to the quantity and taking into account the quality, variety, grade, class or size of hogs delivered by him, less the disbursements and expenses incurred by the Commission in respect of the sales.


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