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Designated Provisions Regulations

Version of section 4 from 2006-03-22 to 2009-10-30:

 A notice issued by the Minister under subsection 7.7(1) of the Act must specify

  • (a) the designated provision that the Minister believes has been contravened;

  • (b) the particulars of the alleged contravention;

  • (c) that payment of the amount specified in the notice will be accepted by the Minister as and in complete satisfaction of the amount of the penalty for the alleged contravention and that no further proceedings under Part I of the Act will be taken against the person in respect of that contravention;

  • (d) that, if the person fails to pay the amount specified in the notice, a copy of the notice will be forwarded to the Tribunal and the Tribunal will determine whether the alleged contravention took place; and

  • (e) that the person will be provided with a full opportunity consistent with procedural fairness and natural justice to present evidence before the Tribunal and make representations in relation to the alleged contravention.

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