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Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012

Version of section 225 from 2012-01-01 to 2014-06-12:

Marginal note:Requirements

 At each aerodrome where a primary security line partner carries out operations, the partner must

  • (a) define and document the aerodrome-related security roles and responsibilities assigned to each of the partner’s employee groups that require access to restricted areas at the aerodrome in the course of their employment;

  • (b) communicate the information referred to in paragraph (a) to the employees in those groups and document how that information is communicated;

  • (c) establish, implement and document a security awareness program that promotes a culture of security vigilance and awareness among its employees if the security awareness program of the operator of the aerodrome does not cover matters that are unique to the partner’s operations;

  • (d) document the measures, procedures and processes that the partner has in place at the aerodrome to protect the security of restricted areas and to prevent breaches of the primary security line;

  • (e) create a document that

    • (i) describes each area on the aerodrome’s primary security line that is occupied by the partner,

    • (ii) indicates the location of each restricted area access point in those areas, and

    • (iii) describes those restricted area access points; and

  • (f) document how the partner receives, retains, discloses and disposes of sensitive information respecting aerodrome security to protect that information from unauthorized disclosure.

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