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Canadian Transportation Agency Rules (Dispute Proceedings and Certain Rules Applicable to All Proceedings) (SOR/2014-104)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2014-06-04. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 14(Subsections 27(2), 28(4), 30(2) and 31(4) and paragraphs 33(2)(a) and 34(2)(a))Response To Request

  • 1 The applicant’s name, the respondent’s name and the file number assigned by the Agency.

  • 2 The name of the person filing the response.

  • 3 An identification of the request to which the person is responding, including the name of the person that filed the request.

  • 4 The details of the response that include

    • (a) a statement that sets out the elements that the person agrees with or disagrees with in the request; and

    • (b) the arguments in support of the response.

  • 5 A list of any documents submitted in support of the response and a copy of each of those documents.

  • 6 The name of each party to which a copy of the response is being sent and the complete address, the email address or the facsimile number to which it is being sent.


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