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Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016

Version of section 424 from 2019-04-30 to 2023-06-20:

Marginal note:Definitions

 The following definitions apply in this Division.

ANSI C78.20

ANSI C78.20 means the ANSI standard ANSI C78.20-2003 entitled American National Standard for Electric Lamps — A, G, PS, and Similar Shapes with E26 Medium Screw Bases. (ANSI C78.20)

ANSI C78.79

ANSI C78.79 means the ANSI standard ANSI C78.79-2014 entitled American National Standard for Electric Lamps — Nomenclature for Envelope Shapes Intended for Use with Electric Lamps. (ANSI C78.79)

ANSI C79.1

ANSI C79.1[Repealed, SOR/2018-201, s. 42]

ANSI C81.61

ANSI C81.61 means the ANSI standard ANSI C81.61-2016 entitled American National Standard for Electrical Lamp Bases — Specifications for Bases (Caps) for Electric Lamps. (ANSI C81.61)

appliance lamp

appliance lamp means a lamp that is designed to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 315ºC, has a maximum nominal power of 40 W and is marketed as an appliance lamp. (lampe pour appareils électroménagers)

CIE 13.3

CIE 13.3 means the CIE standard CIE 13.3-1995 entitled Method of Measuring and Specifying Colour Rendering Properties of Light Sources. (CIE 13.3)

CIE 15

CIE 15 means the CIE standard CIE 15: 2004 entitled Colorimetry. (CIE 15)

coloured lamp

coloured lamp means a lamp that is marketed as a coloured lamp and has

  • (a) a colour rendering index of less than 50, as determined in accordance with CIE 13.3; or

  • (b) a correlated colour temperature of less than 2 500 K or more than 4 600 K. (lampe colorée)

IES Handbook

IES Handbook means the IES publication entitled Lighting Handbook, 9th edition. (Manuel IES)


IES LM16 means the IES standard IES LM-16-1993 entitled Practical Guide to Colorimetry of Light Sources. (IES LM16)


IES LM45 means the IES standard IES LM-45-15 entitled IES Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Measurement of General Service Incandescent Filament Lamps. (IES LM45)


IES LM49 means the IES standard IES LM-49-12 entitled IES Approved Method For Life Testing of Incandescent Filament Lamps. (IES LM49)


IES LM65 means the IES standard IES LM-65-14 entitled IES Approved Method for the Life Testing of Single-Based Fluorescent Lamps. (IES LM65)

incandescent reflector lamp

incandescent reflector lamp means a lamp in which light is

  • (a) produced by a filament that is heated to incandescence by an electric current; and

  • (b) directed by an inner reflective coating on the outer bulb. (lampe-réflecteur à incandescence)

infrared lamp

infrared lamp means a lamp that emits more than 90% of its radiation in the 0.7 µm to 10 µm range of the electromagnetic spectrum. (lampe infrarouge)

lamp efficacy

lamp efficacy means the number of lumens per watt determined by

  • (a) dividing a lamp’s luminous flux by its power, measured under equilibrium conditions at the time of determining the luminous flux; and

  • (b) in the case of a general service incandescent reflector lamp, rounding the number calculated under paragraph (a) to the nearest half number. (efficacité lumineuse)

modified spectrum lamp

modified spectrum lamp means a lamp, other than a coloured lamp, that

  • (a) is marketed as a modified spectrum lamp; and

  • (b) when operated at its nominal voltage and nominal power, has a colour point that, on the 1931 chromaticity diagram described in CIE 15, lies below the black-body locus and is at least 4 MacAdam steps, as described in IES LM16, distant from the colour point of a clear lamp with the same filament and bulb shape and that operates at the same nominal voltage and nominal power. (lampe à spectre modifié)

plant lamp

plant lamp means a lamp that contains a filter or coating to suppress light with wavelengths of less than 0.58 µm and that is marketed as a plant lamp. (lampe pour horticulture)

rough service lamp

rough service lamp means a lamp that is marketed as a rough service lamp and has any of the following filament constructions, as illustrated in figure 6.12 of the IES Handbook:

  • (a) a C-7A or C-11 filament construction, with at least five supports exclusive of lead wires;

  • (b) a C-17 filament construction, with eight supports exclusive of lead wires; or

  • (c) a C-22 filament construction, with 16 supports exclusive of lead wires. (lampe à construction renforcée)

shatter-resistant lamp

shatter-resistant lamp means a lamp that has an external silicone, polytetrafluoroethylene or similar coating applied to it for the purpose of resisting breakage and preventing glass from reaching the operating environment in the event of breakage and that is marketed as a shatter-resistant lamp. (lampe résistante à l’éclatement)

silver bowl lamp

silver bowl lamp means a lamp that is marketed as a silver bowl lamp and that has a reflective coating that is applied directly to a part of the bulb surface so that light is reflected toward the lamp base. (lampe à calotte argentée)

submersible lamp

submersible lamp means a lamp that meets the requirements set out in the CSA standard C22.2 No. 89-1976, entitled Swimming-Pool Luminaires, Submersible Luminaires and Accessories. (lampe submersible)

vibration service lamp

vibration service lamp means a lamp that

  • (a) is marketed as a vibration service lamp;

  • (b) has a maximum nominal power of 60 W; and

  • (c) has a C-5, C-7A or C-9 filament construction — as illustrated in figure 6.12 of the IES Handbook — or a similar construction, with less than five supports. (lampe antivibrations)

  • SOR/2018-201, s. 42

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