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Fuel Charge Regulations

Version of section 1 from 2019-06-25 to 2023-03-26:

Marginal note:Definitions

 The following definitions apply in these Regulations.


Act means the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. (Loi)

eligible greenhouse

eligible greenhouse means a greenhouse all or substantially all of which is used for the growing of vegetables, fruits, bedding plants, flowers, ornamental plants, tree seedlings, medicinal plants or other plants. (serre admissible)

eligible greenhouse activity

eligible greenhouse activity means the use of a qualifying greenhouse fuel to heat an eligible greenhouse or to supplement carbon dioxide in an eligible greenhouse in order to grow or produce plants. (activité de serre admissible)


export means export from Canada. (exportation)

fuel charge system

fuel charge system has the same meaning as in subsection 168(1) of the Act. (régime de redevance sur les combustibles)

greenhouse operator

greenhouse operator means a person that carries on a business of growing vegetables, fruits, bedding plants, flowers, ornamental plants, tree seedlings, medicinal plants or other plants in eligible greenhouses with a reasonable expectation of profit. (exploitant de serre)

main electrical network

main electrical network means a network for the distribution of electricity that is subject to the standards of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. (réseau électrique principal)

qualifying greenhouse fuel

qualifying greenhouse fuel means a type of fuel that is marketable natural gas or propane. (combustible de serre admissible)

qualifying power plant fuel

qualifying power plant fuel means a type of fuel that is light fuel oil or marketable natural gas. (combustible de centrale électrique admissible)

remote community

remote community means a geographic area that is not serviced by a main electrical network and that is not serviced by a distribution system. (collectivité éloignée)

remote power plant

remote power plant means a power plant that

  • (a) generates electricity for general distribution to the public in a remote community;

  • (b) is not connected to a main electrical network; and

  • (c) is not connected to a distribution system. (centrale électrique éloignée)

remote power plant operator

remote power plant operator means a person that operates a remote power plant. (exploitant de centrale électrique éloignée)

  • SOR/2019-265, s. 1

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