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SCHEDULE “C”Gatineau Park — Township of Onslow — County of Pontiac

That parcel or tract of land and the whole of Lac Leblanc contained therein, the said parcel being a part of the Gatineau Park site situated and being in the Township of Onslow, County of Pontiac, Province of Quebec, and comprising the South Half of Lots No. 27 and No. 28 in Range No. 10, being more particularly described as follows:

Bounded on the North by property presently controlled by the Province of Quebec, Department of Lands and Forests (North half of Lot No. 27) and privately owned property (North half of Lot No. 28); on the West by the westerly limit of Lot No. 27; on the South by the southerly limit of Range No. 10; on the East by the Easterly limit of Lot No. 28.

The above described parcel contains 200 acres, more or less.


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