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Manitoba Pullet Order (SOR/80-352)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01

Manitoba Pullet Order



Registration 1980-05-15

Order Granting Authority to Regulate the Marketing of Pullets in Manitoba

P.C. 1980-1276 1980-05-15

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Agriculture, pursuant to section 2 of the Agricultural Products Marketing Act, is pleased hereby to make the annexed Order granting authority to regulate the marketing of pullets in Manitoba.

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Manitoba Pullet Order.


 In this Order,


Act means the Natural Products Marketing Act of Manitoba;

Commodity Board

Commodity Board means The Manitoba Egg Producers’ Marketing Board established pursuant to the Act;


Plan means The Manitoba Egg Producers’ Marketing Plan, established and amended from time to time pursuant to the Act, and any regulations made pursuant to the Act to give effect to the Plan;


pullet means the female of any class of domestic chicken belonging to the species Gallus domesticus that is less than 20 weeks of age and produced for the purpose of laying eggs for human consumption.

Interprovincial and Export Trade

 The Commodity Board is authorized to regulate the marketing of pullets in interprovincial and export trade and for such purposes may, by order or regulation, with respect to persons and property situated within the Province of Manitoba, exercise all or any powers like the powers exercisable by it in relation to the marketing of pullets locally within that province under the Act and the Plan.


 The Commodity Board is authorized, in relation to the powers granted to it by section 3 with respect to the marketing of pullets in interprovincial and export trade, to make orders fixing, imposing and collecting levies or charges from persons situated in the Province of Manitoba who are engaged in the production or marketing of pullets and for such purposes to classify such persons into groups and fix the levies or charges payable by the members of the different groups in different amounts and the Commodity Board may use such levies or charges for its purposes including the creation of reserves and the payment of expenses and losses resulting from the sale or disposal of pullets and the equalization or adjustment among producers of pullets of moneys realized from the sale thereof during such period or periods of time as it may determine.


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