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Radio Regulations, 1986

Version of section 9 from 2011-09-01 to 2015-11-24:

  •  (1) For the purposes of this section,

    Canadian musical selection

    Canadian musical selection means a musical selection that meets the criteria set out in subsection 2.2(2); (pièce musicale canadienne)


    hit has the meaning indicated on pages 19 to 22 of Public Notice CRTC 1986-248 of September 19, 1986 entitled Regulations Respecting Radio Broadcasting and published in the Canada Gazette Part I on October 4, 1986, as amended by page 23 of Public Notice CRTC 1990-111 of December 17, 1990 entitled An FM Policy for the Nineties and published in the Canada Gazette Part I on December 29, 1990. (grand succès)

  • (2) On or before November 30 of each year, a licensee shall submit to the Commission a statement of accounts, on the annual return of broadcasting licensee form, for the year ending on the previous August 31.

  • (3) At the request of the Commission, a licensee shall submit for any period specified by the Commission in its request

    • (a) the information required by the most recent Station Self-assessment Report form issued by the Commission; and

    • (b) a list of the musical selections in the order in which they are broadcast by the licensee during that period that includes the title and performer of each musical selection and a legend that identifies

      • (i) any Canadian musical selection,

      • (ii) any hit,

      • (iii) any instrumental selection,

      • (iv) any content category 3 musical selection, and

      • (v) the language of the musical selection, where the musical selection is not an instrumental selection.

  • (4) At the request of the Commission, a licensee shall respond to

    • (a) any complaint or request for resolution of a dispute filed by any person or any request for information regarding programming originated or distributed by the licensee or regarding the licensee’s technical operations, subscribership, financial affairs or ownership; and

    • (b) any request for information regarding the licensee’s adherence to the conditions of its licence, the Act, these Regulations, industry standards, practices or codes or any other self-regulatory mechanism of the industry.

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