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Manitoba Turkey Marketing (Interprovincial and Export Trade) Order (SOR/88-527)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01

Manitoba Turkey Marketing (Interprovincial and Export Trade) Order



Registration 1988-10-17

Order Respecting the Marketing in Interprovincial and Export Trade of Turkey Produced in Manitoba

The Commodity Board, pursuant to section 3Footnote * of the Manitoba Turkey Order, C.R.C., c. 160, hereby makes the annexed Order respecting the marketing in interprovincial and export trade of turkey produced in Manitoba.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 12, 1988

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Manitoba Turkey Marketing (Interprovincial and Export Trade) Order.


 In this Order,


Act means The Natural Products Marketing Act of Manitoba; (Loi)

clearance certificate

clearance certificate means a certificate issued by order of the Commodity Board authorizing the movement or transportation of turkey; (autorisation de transport)

Commodity Board

Commodity Board means the Manitoba Turkey Producers’ Marketing Board established pursuant to the Act; (Office de commercialisation)


inspector means an inspector appointed under the Act; (inspecteur)


producer means

  • (a) a person engaged in raising, keeping or preparing for slaughter turkeys and includes an employee of the person,

  • (b) a person entitled under a lease or agreement to a share of turkey production by a person referred to in paragraph (a), or

  • (c) a person who, as security for a debt, takes possession of turkeys from a person referred to in paragraph (a); (producteur)


transport means to convey, ship or transfer turkeys in interprovincial or export trade by any means; (transporter)


turkey means a turkey of any variety, grade or class raised or kept for slaughter within the Province of Manitoba. (dindon)


 No producer shall market turkey in interprovincial or export trade unless an order of the Commodity Board authorizes the producer to do so.


 No person shall transport or deliver for transport turkeys without having obtained a clearance certificate in respect of the turkeys.

 Every person who transports turkeys shall

  • (a) during the transport of the turkeys, have the clearance certificate issued in respect of those turkeys in the vehicle used to transport the turkeys and produce the clearance certificate for examination by an inspector on the inspector’s request; and

  • (b) as soon as possible after the transport of the turkeys, report the date of transport, the quantity, origin and destination of the turkeys, and the clearance certificate number to the Commodity Board.


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