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Veterans Health Care Regulations

Version of section 18 from 2006-03-22 to 2022-03-27:

  •  (1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3) and sections 20 and 33.1, the following clients are eligible to receive the veterans independence program services referred to in paragraphs 19(a) to (d) or, where it is not reasonably practicable for those services to be provided at their principal residence, the care referred to in paragraph 19(e), to the extent that those services or that care is not available to them as an insured service under a provincial health care system:

    • (a) veteran pensioners;

    • (b) overseas service veterans;

    • (c) dual service veterans;

    • (d) overseas service civilians; and

    • (e) veterans to whom paragraphs (a) and (b) of the definition “Canada service veteran” in section 2 apply.

  • (2) Payments shall be made in respect of services or care provided under subsection (1) to or in respect of a client referred to in that subsection for any period of 12 months commencing on October 1 of any year, or for any lesser period within those 12 months, if

    • (a) the client is resident in Canada;

    • (b) the client has exceptional health care needs that require services or care referred to in paragraphs 19(a) to (e);

    • (c) a determination in respect of that period has been made under section 31.2 that the client’s income is insufficient to enable the client to pay for those services or that care; and

    • (d) an assessment indicates that the provision of those services would assist the client to remain self-sufficient at the client’s principal residence or the provision of that care is necessary for health reasons.

  • (3) The following amounts are not payable under this section:

    • (a) the amount by which the client’s monthly income as computed under section 31.2 exceeds the income factor applicable to the client under that section; and

    • (b) that part of the amount payable for intermediate care under these Regulations, calculated monthly, that is equal to the maximum monthly amount that the client is required to pay for the cost of accommodation and meals, as determined under section 33.1.

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