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Canadian International Trade Tribunal Procurement Inquiry Regulations

Version of section 7 from 2018-12-30 to 2020-06-30:

  •  (1) The Tribunal shall, within five working days after the day on which a complaint is filed, determine whether the following conditions are met in respect of the complaint:

    • (a) the complainant is a potential supplier;

    • (b) the complaint is in respect of a designated contract; and

    • (c) the information provided by the complainant, and any other information examined by the Tribunal in respect of the complaint, discloses a reasonable indication that the procurement has not been conducted in accordance with whichever of Chapter Ten of NAFTA, the Agreement on Government Procurement, Chapter Kbis of the CCFTA, Chapter Fourteen of the CPFTA, Chapter Fourteen of the CCOFTA, Chapter Sixteen of the CPAFTA, Chapter Seventeen of the CHFTA, Chapter Fourteen of the CKFTA, Chapter Nineteen of CETA, Chapter Five of the CFTA, Chapter Ten of CUFTA or Chapter Fifteen of the TPP applies.

  • (2) Where the Tribunal determines that the conditions set out in subsection (1) in respect of a complaint have been met and it decides to conduct an inquiry, the Tribunal shall publish a notice of the filing of the complaint in a circular or periodical designated by the Treasury Board.

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