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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 302.206 from 2008-11-28 to 2015-08-30:

  •  (1) For aircraft operating in a passenger or cargo configuration, the operator of an airport shall make available to the emergency coordination centre aircraft crash charts specific to the aircraft used by the air operators that use the airport, and shall provide copies of the charts to

    • (a) the organizations responsible for fire-fighting services that are identified in the emergency plan; and

    • (b) the on-scene controller.

  • (2) In the case of aircraft that have or may have a seating configuration of not more than nine passenger seats, the operator of an airport may use, instead of the aircraft crash charts referred to in subsection (1), other documents containing equivalent information.

  • (3) The operator of an airport shall develop and review and update annually, if necessary, an airport grid map that includes a minimum of

    • (a) an area covering at least one kilometre around each runway;

    • (b) the airport access roads and gates; and

    • (c) the location of rendezvous points to which persons and vehicles that are responding to an emergency situation proceed in order to receive instructions.

  • (4) The operator of an airport shall provide copies of the airport grid map to the airport personnel who must have one and the organizations identified in the emergency plan.

  • SOR/2007-262, s. 2

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